We at Washington Gardens are proud of our name and the tradition and history associated with it. Eighty years ago, in 1932, Grandma Angelina Scornavacco opened a beer and wine garden on the corner of Railway and Washington Avenues. The "Gardens" became a familiar and friendly stopping place to both locals and visitors.


  In the 40's Tony and Ellen Scornavacco continued the family tradition of providing fine food and a warm atmosphere. In 1944 they served the first pizza to grace restaurant tables on the North Shore. Pizza soon became a customer favorite with the restaurant serving between 300 and 400 hundred pizzas on any given weekend.

  In 1982 their son Alex and friend, Bill Bernstein, renewed this tradition at it's current location. Pizza has remained a customer favorite, however the full menu has become more refined over the years. What was once merely a pizza and beer garden has become a sophisticated yet comfortable restaurant with a diverse menu that has something for everyone.

  In 2007, when Alex and Bill decided to retire, Jim Stoecker, acquired the Gardens in order to keep the tradition alive. With a long term lease in place, and no significant changes planned, please come and enjoy as the great staff continues serving relaxing drinks and fine food in that familiar and friendly atmosphere we have all come to enjoy.

Thank you for being a part of Washington Gardens history. We hope to see you soon.